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Author biography

Suman Casini

A painter, stage designer, art and yoga teacher, a fond scholar of natural medicines, a Bach Flower therapist, a writer and traveller….She lived for long periods in India, practicing Yoga and meditation for 25 years. These the roots of her vegetarian choice, both as a philosophy and way of life. The book Seitan Gourmet originated from her long experience in many Holistic Centres, giving Yoga and Vegetarian cooking classes, and promoting a neohumanistic culture and natural lifestyle through different programmes, including vegetarian festivals and dinners. Now she lives in Tuscany (Italy), writing and translating books.

A book announced

“There are appointments in life that we cannot miss, and if somebody asks me I would say that this is also the sense of this cookbook. I was often asked why I was not opening a vegetarian restaurant, especially after successful vegetarian festivals or dinners, but my reply was always the same. Inspite of enjoying cooking for others and my commitment to vegetarianism, a final and categorical “No!”. I started instead collecting all successful recipes, finally become so many that I decided to put them together in a recipe book, writing Seitan Gourmet with pleasure and fun. And I feel it is better this way, because a book is something lasting, even travelling through time and space, handed over to other people or given as a gift, helping them to improve their food and their life.”

Yoga and life

The practice of Yoga and meditation, following the teachings of the tantric Guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, changed the author’s outlook and lifestyle, offering a complete spiritual development technique matching the daily life. Practising meditation and different Yoga techniques we can, in fact, reach deep inner changes and spiritual development, widening our mental sphere and reaching higher levels of consciousness. A process of physical, mental, and spiritual evolution based on a pure and harmonic lifestyle, where food plays a very important role, walking on a path leading to the realization of our real inner Self.

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 Seitan gourmet – 300 vegetarian recipes