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ricette vegetariane libro
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Why Seitan

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Seitan Gourmet
The vegetarian choice The author
Suman Casini

In vegetarian cooking we can prepare a large assortment of delicious recipes all made with Seitan, using vegetable proteins instead of animal proteins to make many nutritious and varied dishes.
Often the choice to become vegetarian, giving up meat for health or ethical reasons, has some deeper motivations coming from a new awareness about food and eating. The change of food habits and cooking routine however does not necessarily mean to eat just salad and cheese, together with fruit, .. >>>

libro ricette seitan
seitan cucina vegetariana

All about seitan

Seitan is a natural food of cereal origin, largely used in vegetarian cooking as an alternative to meat to prepare tasty and healthy vegetarian dishes, providing an important supply of proteins...>>>
yoga cibi vegetariani

Recipes in harmony

The vegetarian recipes presented in the book include simple preparations combining natural delicate flavours, and more elaborate dishes enriched with aromatic herbs ...>>>
ricette vegetariane

Vegetarian is beautiful

There are many good reasons to be or become vegetarian, from ethical motivations and respect for life, to the desire of improving one’s health, or the deep understanding that body and mind are one... >>>
Seitan, wheat gluten, kofu, many different names for the same food…
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 Seitan gourmet – 300 vegetarian recipes