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Book outlines

Seitan, wheat gluten, kofu, many different names for the same food, old and modern at the same time, well known in the past to Zen buddhist monks, and today appreciated worldwide by many people. A special vegetarian cooking ingredient used in the preparation of many savoury dishes.
Seitan Gourmet is a complete cookbook offering 300 vegetarian recipes all made with Seitan. From simple dishes very easy to cook, to more creative and refined recipes, ranging from the tastes of classical and Mediterranean cooking tradition to more exotic international dishes, introducing the exciting flavours of fusion cooking and nouvelle cuisine. All seasoned with a pinch of wisdom and fantasy, to satisfy everyone who loves to eat and the most demanding gourmets.
Delicious starters and savoury snacks, nutritious entrées, and a rich variety of tasty main courses. Many appetizing dishes good enough to match every taste. Some recipes are easy and quick to prepare, some more elaborate, all aimed to give a full harmony of flavours and balanced results. A world of vegetarian delights is gathered in the pages of this book, written with love and the hope of a better future, eco-sustainable and full of awareness.
The book includes a wide introduction and an in-depth appendix on different topical aspects of the vegetarian philosophy and way of life, explaning many of its social and enviromental effects, and offering a deeper outlook on such an apparently simple thing like eating. A comprehensive cookbook helpful to people already using Seitan, and a basic kitchen tool for those new to vegetarian cooking, introducing Seitan as a valid meat substitute.
Along with the recipes the book gives all the basic information about Seitan, its origin and nutritional values, helping people to understand its characteristics and properties, and its versatile use in the kitchen. Explaining in a simple way how to prepare it, and most of all how to cook it successfully preparing many appetizing dishes. An important book for those already skilled in vegetarian cooking, and a basic source of inspiration and guidance for people looking for a change in their food and life style.

Why seitan?

In vegetarian cooking we can prepare a large assortment of delicious recipes all made with Seitan, using vegetable proteins instead of animal proteins to make many nutritious and varied dishes.
Often the choice to become vegetarian, giving up meat for health or ethical reasons, has some deeper motivations coming from a new awareness about food and eating. The change of food habits and cooking routine however does not necessarily mean to eat just salad and cheese, together with fruit, beans, and raw or boiled vegetables. Or having to face a sense of lack and frustration everytime we sit at the table to eat, going through different emotional and mental reactions. To stop eating meat in fact may have some side effects, especially in the beginning, and people becoming vegetarian are frequently asking the same questions: how to replace meat, what to cook instead, and most of all, how to nourish oneself properly enjoying a tasty variety of food? And here, as if by magic, Seitan steps on the scene. A very versatile cooking ingredient rich in vegetable proteins, ancient and modern at the same time, replacing meat successfully and giving excellent gastronomic performances in the kitchen and on the table. Seitan in fact, while being something totally different from meat, by its unique features and versatility is one of the best meat substitutes in vegetarian cooking, helping to create many appetizing dishes.

Flavours an tastes

With Seitan we can make many dishes full of flavours and delicious assorted menus good to all tastes, even the most difficult to please. The title of the book in itself already underlines the gourmet approach of the recipes, presenting a tempting and varied vegetarian cooking, worth of creative cooking and nouvelle cuisine innovations, along with the best international and Italian culinary tradition.
With Seitan in fact we can make a very high quality vegetarian cuisine, even to the best chef standards, realizing savoury recipes and appealing dishes. These are the characteristics making Seitan Gourmet a valuable instrument for all people, vegetarians and non, wanting to jump into this new gastronomic adventure. Along with the recipes the book provides all informations about Seitan, explaining what is and how to make it, guiding the readers in the preparation of a large variety of vegetarian dishes rich in proteins.

Not simply seitan

Seitan Gourmet comes from the longtime experience of the author in the field of vegetarianism, and is aimed to meet the needs of all people approaching a more natural and aware way to eat. The book is thus dedicated to all those who, besides loving healthy food and cooking creativity, are looking for self awareness in simple gestures such as daily cooking and eating.
While being essentially a recipe book whose purpose is to make Seitan familiar to people, helping them to appreciate its versatile use in the kitchen, in the pages of the book the author also wants to convey the reasons for her vegetarian choice, resulted in this collection of recipes. Thus she is giving some general outlooks on food and vegetarianism, while introducing the vegetarian philosophy and way of life, and widening their purports and motivations. She also talks about food in Yoga and basic food bio-psychology, explaining its socio-economic aspects and the link between vegetarianism and world hunger. All these subjects are treated in the appendix of the book entitled “The vegetarian choice”.

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