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Vegetarian is beautiful

There are many good reasons to be or become vegetarian, from ethical motivations and respect for life, to the desire of improving one’s health, or the deep understanding that body and mind are one, and the saying “tell me what you eat and I will tell who you are” is really true, as with the food that we eat everyday we nourish both our body and mind. Not forgetting the important social aspects connecting vegetarianism and world starvation, and the awareness that vegetarianism helps reaching higher states of consciousness and inner peace.
If many people eating meat could realize the stark reality of having on their plate a piece of the corpse of what was before a living creature, and that by eating its flesh they are making their stomach a graveyard, they would certainly refuse to keep on eating meat.
“Animals are my friends, and I don’t eat my friends!” This was the slogan on a sticker showing a child embracing a little calf. A simple direct way to inspire people and children not to eat meat.
Vegetarian is beautiful because between death and life it stands for life, between health and disease it stands for health, and between ignorance and awareness it stands for awareness!

Vegetarianism and world hunger

Between vegetarianism and starvation affecting many countries of the world there is a very direct link, and we can say that vegetarianism is the only solution to erase famine from our planet, while the habit of consuming meat, very widespread nowadays in the so called “civilized” world, is only increasing the problem. Meat is in fact the most antieconomic food to eat, because cattle breeding needs huge extensions of land for the production of fodder. If cultivated with cereals and legumes for human consumption, the same amount of land will produce 16 times more the absolute amount of vegetable protein, while fodder production needs 8 times more amount water, with great waste of world water resources.
It was calculated that the real cost of ½ kg animal protein consumed in the form of meat is 20 times more than the equivalent amount consumed in form of vegetable protein, and if distributed to the poor populations of the world, the great amount of cereals used as cattle fodder could feed them, reducing chronic undernourishment and starvation. If the average amount of meat consumed worldwide would be just halved, we could have enough food to feed all the developing countries populations. For this reasons we can say that the primary solution to the world food crisis is leaving meat and spreading vegetarianism, saving huge amounts of natural resources and the precious lifes of thousands of human beings.

Food & Yoga

In Yoga the body is called annamaya kos’a, a Sanskrit word meaning “made of food”, underlining the close link between food, body and mind. Body, in fact, is considered the first level of the mind, the more crude and external, the instrument used by the mind to interact with the outside world. Yoga classifies food into three categories, based on the three cosmic forces originating the whole creation, Sattva, Raja, and Tama. Sattvic or sentient food is the food where the sentient progressive force dominates, helping physical, mental and spiritual evolution, and supporting the all round development of human beings. In Rajasic or mutative food the rajasic force dominates, an agitated force in perennial movement, mutation and change. Tamasic food, instead, is the kingdom of the static and inert tamasic force, hampering the all round development of human beings. For people practicing Yoga and meditation Rajasic and Tamasic food is not advisable, while Sattvic or sentient food is the most suitable.
Sattvic food: most fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, cereals, milk and dairy products, a moderate amount of aromatic herbs and spices. This type of food gives a pure harmonic body and a clear concentrated mind, leading to mental peace and spiritual development. Rajasic food: coffee, tea, chocolate, soda drinks, hot spices in large amounts, some fermented food and allopatic medicine. This food acts as a stimulant, creating gas or much heat in the body, giving restlessness and agitation. Tamasic food: meat, fish, eggs, garlic, onion and mushrooms, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and tobacco, all types of drugs and rotten food. This food generates inert energy, making people physically and mentally static, thus hampering concentration and spiritual progress.

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